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Re: RC: Michigan-don't knock it til ya try it

In a message dated 02/17/2000 3:35:46 PM Pacific Standard Time, Tivers writes:

<< Already thoroughly embarrassed myself many times--one of the best sources 
of wisdom. Interesting you should quote Forest Gump--why not Mickey Mouse, or 
Bambi? I'm taking back the 12 points of IQ on the basis that most folks quote 
those they think might be a little more intelligent than themselves and, 
until proven otherwise, I have to assume you do the same. 
 Actually, raw intelligence doesn't count for much. It's your ability to 
think, and your accumulated knowledge and know-how that really counts.  I 
could give you a little physiology test to see if you know anything at all 
about conditioning your equine athlete, but that would be unfair. 
 Let's see, something practical. A problem to solve, like I get every day. 
Ok, here's the situation: 
 A very fit horse, trained long and hard. Perfectly sound until today. 
Getting ready for a long hard conditioning ride and we've tapered way back on 
the exercise for the last ten days--hoping he'll peak at race time. BUT. 
Today he goes out and after a mile of trot, starts nodding very badly, head 
going down as the left fore impacts. Brought him back to the barn and in an 
hour, before the vet even got there, he was completely well again.
 Test question: What's the problem, which leg did it occur in?
 Tom >>

I used the quote with Forest Gump because I thought you could relate with 
someone of lower intelligence.  I will admit (and I have said this many 
times); I have PLENTY to learn when it comes to conditioning horses.  This is 
one of the reasons I joined RC. (not to be harrassed by a man with a huge ego 
and nothing better to do...)  My response to your "test" is that the horse 
may have gotten a muscle cramp.  Or maybe he tripped and twisted something 
and had to "walk it off".  You said that the head went down when the left 
fore impacted.  This leads me to believe that the lameness was in the right 
fore leg.  
well, I hope that answers your question.  If I didn't answer it correctly, 
please inform me....I'd like to hear what was wrong with this horse.  
-The only reason I haven't taken it upon myself to decide whether or not you 
deserve to have 12 points taken off of your IQ score is because I don't 
believe you have many to spare. 

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