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Far Out Forest

Hi Everyone,
I laughed reading Howard's account of the FOF ride- I was the "lone female rider" doing the 100.  Actually did the 2nd 50 mile loop completely alone which wasnt as bad as it sounds cause Shameless gets a tad competitive and it was a relief not to have to fight him to slow down anymore. 
Everyone connected to this ride was so nice and helpful- my farriers wife, Janeen was crewing for us and had everything I could possibly want or imagine ready at the VC's and road crossings- even had hot soup for everyone waiting at the 79 mile vet check. 
Ride manager Ken Anderson was  at a couple checks in the dark  making sure everything was OK.  there were reports of a rowdy drunk person somewhere in the woods so Alvin Price and his daughter went out in front of us w/his jeep from 79-93miles- it was conforting to know they were up there somewhere every time I glimpsed his tail lights.
This is a huge forest and there are some kinda wierd people lurking around but I never felt scared or threatened.  did the 100 there about 6 years ago and ran into the "rainbow people"  hippies who I guess are harmless who live out in the middle of nowhere.
they are like gypsy/hippies and move from one  forest to another.
at about 78 miles met a bunch of guys standing around a campfire- they didnt seem to think it at all strange to see  a lone female riding a horse draped w/ glow sticks in the middle of the nite- offered me a beer and a place by the fire- it was tempting to stay and visit a while until I came to  my senses and realized that yes, this is an endurance ride and I had better keep going cause there were people out there kindly volenteering their time waiting on us...
Also met some poor freezing men riding 4 wheelers at about 93 miles.  they were lost and had been driving all around this forest looking for some certain road.  felt bad telling them I didnt have a clue where it was- they were so cold they were wearing ski masks and their teeth were chattering- so I sent them up the trail to find Alvin- figuring he's from someplace in FL so surely he'd be able to give them directions.  (luckily he did)
this was a fun ride- well organized, well marked trails.  It's harder than it seems due to the deep sand so you have to be really careful rating your horse.  Hopefully next year there will be a larger turn out of riders.  
Anita Carlson  and
Pavichy (YEAH! finished another 100 and got BC even!)

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