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Re: Michigan-don't knock it til ya try it

Thank goodness, this has only happened once to me, my gelding got a stone
bruise by a rocky lake. He became lame in the right front. Left pretty
quickly, had to determine what was wrong from a nerve block. I can't wait to
see the answer! Although, this is heard not being able to see the horse and

Helga Loncosky
Archival Morgan Record
Beacon Morgan Horses, Ltd.
No heaven can heaven be, if my horse isn't there to welcome me.
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Date: Thursday, February 17, 2000 6:37 PM
Subject: RC: Michigan-don't knock it til ya try it

>In a message dated 2/17/00 2:04:53 PM Pacific Standard Time, Eenergonzillen
><< Hello, I'm glad you are so good at judging how smart people are.  I feel
>  honored that you have been kind enough to give me an IQ test.  While I
>  no idea what my IQ actually is...I'm sure those 12 points you just gave
>  have bumped me up well into the genius category.  Yes, I can feel myself
>  getting smarter!  So...I suppose that the rocks in your head are somehow
>  better than those "marshmallows" that I was born with.
>     So far, I can't tell if you have anything stuck between your ears
(like I
>  said, I've never been to good at that) but it seems as though you have a
>  large stick stuck somewhere else.  Your ego is huge....and someday, you
>  going to thoroughly embarass yourself
>  "and that's all I'm gonna say about that" (-Forest Gump)
>  -Renee
>  >>
>Already thoroughly embarrassed myself many times--one of the best sources
>wisdom. Interesting you should quote Forest Gump--why not Mickey Mouse, or
>Bambi? I'm taking back the 12 points of IQ on the basis that most folks
>those they think might be a little more intelligent than themselves and,
>until proven otherwise, I have to assume you do the same.
>Actually, raw intelligence doesn't count for much. It's your ability to
>think, and your accumulated knowledge and know-how that really counts.  I
>could give you a little physiology test to see if you know anything at all
>about conditioning your equine athlete, but that would be unfair.
>Let's see, something practical. A problem to solve, like I get every day.
>here's the situation:
>A very fit horse, trained long and hard. Perfectly sound until today.
>ready for a long hard conditioning ride and we've tapered way back on the
>exercise for the last ten days--hoping he'll peak at race time. BUT. Today
>goes out and after a mile of trot, starts nodding very badly, head going
>as the left fore impacts. Brought him back to the barn and in an hour,
>the vet even got there, he was completely well again.
>Test question: What's the problem, which leg did it occur in?
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