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Diesel Owners Info.

John Bass
The reason for the need to pre heat a diesel engine is because
it is fired by compression instead of a spark plug. When you
turn the key on to pre heat, usually indicated by a light for 
the needed amount of time, glow plugs are activated and they heat up the cylinders to make for an easier start. Starting
the engine produces more wear and tear than at any other time
so if you can get by with letting it idle for a few minutes you
will be better off in the long run.

It is not a good idea to run out of fuel at any time on any type of vehicle for that matter, most diesel engines will have to be reprimed to get the air out of the system. Newer models will start since they are equiped with a valve that will release the air.

Most diesels that people are driving are turbo-charged. It is 
important to cool down the turbo before shutting the engine down.
This is extremely important if you have been working the engine 
hard, like mountian terrian, pulling a horse trailer, or just driving fast. It only takes three or four minutes, and can save the turbo from warping or the possiblity of catching on

Another thing that is helpful to know if your truck is equiped with an engine heater for cold weather starts. It looks like the male end of an extension cord. On the 
Dodge it is located under the hood by the left front head
light. Not sure about Fords. Check your manuel.

I believe that it is important not to lug the engine down
or run it too fast. I try to run my engine between 2000 and 2250 rpms at all times. This is just a personal opinion. Also if I'm working my truck hard... pulling my horse trailer around I change the oil every 3000 miles.  Under normal use 5000 miles
is fine.

Remember when you get to the filling station that the diesel fuel
is indicated by the green handled pump.

Hope this is helpful.

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