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Re: Euro-helmet question

> I was riding with a French friend today and she was admiring the nice big
> airholes in my Troxel. What helmets are available there with good
> ventilation?

Hi Maryanne
Troxels aren't available in France, or if they are I haven't seen them.  I
got mine from UK by mail-order.
There is are some ventilated helmets available, hang on while I grab the
catalogue, the makes are Belstar and Casco.  I found them in the Ukal
catalogue.  Ukal are a big import set-up and for your friend's info they
supply tack shops in France like PADD, Horsewood, and so-on.
If she particularly wants a Troxel tell her to phone me and I can get her
one by mail-order.  I've got Flex-ride stirrups for several friends as these
aren't available in France either.
My tel no is +33 556 61 40 15 evenings after 8pm.
Hope this is helpful.

SW France

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