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Re: RC: Re: juniors

In a message dated 2/13/00 12:57:19 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<<  I have seen some BC scoring
 done on the spot (the top half anyway) as horses come in and some done in
 secret long after the tenth horse was SHOULD it be done? >>

Ooops, forgot to answer this part with the rest of my answer.  Most vets 
judge at a specific time (say, 1 hour after completion), and many of us use a 
worksheet that folks can peer over our shoulders (or our secretary's 
shoulders) and read as we go along.  That way there are no secrets.  Also, 
many vets transfer all the scoring to the form, not just the final "tally" in 
each category--for instance, a vet might circle "gut sounds" and write -1 by 
it, and then "skin tenting" and write -1 by it, so when you got an 8 out of 
10 in that section, you know exactly where you lost the points.  


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