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Some of you may think this is nuts...but I think it will be
good.  February 27th, I'm taking my horse to his first team
penning clinic.  After that, we are joining a team penning
league for 4 weeks.  What do I expect to accomplish out of
all this?  Well, I'm hoping that I will have a more rounded
horse, who realizes that there is more to life than the
trails.  After I get my new saddle paid off (yeah, we've all
heard that before), we are going to take dressage lessons.
I guess, that is all being done to make sure we realize we
can make the dream...making the best endurance/ctr
horse/human horse team we can be.

Brings me to my second part....what are your dreams/goals.
I guess, mine is pretty simple...I lived in Las Vegas for 12
years, 3 months before I moved to MN, I got interested in
endurance riding.  So now, my goal/dream is to trailer to
Las Vegas for the Mount Charleston ride.  As of this point,
I've set the year to achieve this as 2001.  I guess, I'm
interested in what goals others have set for
themselves....have they achieved them?  What did that feel
like?  or are we working towards the goal and how you plan
on achieving it?

Diane & Phoenix (I get to go back to winter lows are
considered bad at 50???)

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