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Re: RC: Re: almost the end of twinkie chat

In a message dated 2/16/00 2:14:42 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< HOOT, HOOT yourselves!!  I may express my sense of humor frequently but
 come on!  What did this thread have to do AT ALL with endurance (except to
 pinpoint those with really BAD cases of SADD....)?  I would rather read Tom
 and Heidi having at it any day! Sorry but the humor was lost on me long
 before it ever got to Howard!  This is the kind of stuff that keeps some
 really good endurance riders off this list...having to read through that
 kind of stuff.  I don't mention to certain riders I know anymore that I am
 on here because they have lurked and read a lot of stuff they felt wasn't
 worth their time.  If I can get busted for "me, too"s, then this surely
 warrants busting and a fine!!  (I AM keeping my sense of humor while trying
 to make a valid point so no flames please...I am entitled to my point of
 view AND liberal use of the delete key!).
 Maggie Mieske >>

I note that the word twinkie is still in the subject line of your post--are 
you deleting your own stuff? And if you're deleting it, how do you know it's 
going on? Something fishy here.


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