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Re: RC: Re: Salted Twinkies???

In a message dated 2/16/00 10:55:21 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< HOWARD, you ARE very quiet!  Are you fearful just because
 she told you to shut up? >>

I've been trying to avoid this thread, John, knowing that it will most likely 
get me into trouble.  And the bait you're luring me with isn't helping.  
Plus, I believe Sylvia was only trying to save me from myself.  Telling me to 
shut up was her way of saying, "Howard, please don't go there.  It's 
dangerous and you know you'll fall in."

Ah, but, I do like to swim with the sharks, so here goes.  It's been awhile, 
but if memory serves me correctly, the twinkies I tasted, in my youth, were 
already salted.

Geezzz, don't flame me for that one.  It's all John's fault.


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