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Advice on hobbling

Hi, Campers,

   I'm looking for advice on training my horse to hobble. I have never used 
them, but I'm going to need to use my horse as a packhorse this summer (and a 
few summers afterwards, possibly.). There will be NO place to picket him, no 
trailer to tie to, not even a tree to tie to. (if you really want to know, 
I'm doing bird banding on the prairie, and Jordan's going to carry all my 
equipment). I want to be able to let Jordan graze while I'm working, and need 
to know how to train him to hobbles. I've read that the best way to hobble is 
to tie the BACK legs to one foreleg, but I'm a real newbie to hobbles, so 
please, let me know. Any and all advice, opinions, and hints are welcome.

Jordan (I'm gonna carry WHAT???????)

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