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RE: Heartrates up to 220 again

Wolfgang wrote:

Just have looked into some of these HRM-files. A typical intervall of three heats
begins after ~15 min warm-up. The first heat goes up to 205 and stay above 200
for nearly one minute, the next heat shows 213 (and +200 for a bit more than a
minute) and the last heat is 212 with nearly the same readings as the second. The
hill is ~ 200 m long and I walk Ninja downhill as a recovery. Unfortunately he
loves this hill, so he is very excited at the bottom and wants to run uphill
again. This makes it difficult to really say what the recovery-numbers are. We
have ~4 minutes between the heats. After that I trot him for ~ 10 minutes (hr
~130) to another hill, a bit steeper but not as long as the first one, where we
do one more uphill-galopp. Here he has a hr of around 217 bpm. After such an
intervall training I cool him down by walking him for 30 minutes. The hr drops
down in plateaus of ~10 bpm untill it stays at ~60, after feeding ~50.
I do have another hill, nearly 2 km long and constanly getting steeper. Here
Ninja reaches the 190 some hundred meters from the top, where the hill is getting
really steep. Ninja's hr goes up to 223 at the top and is above 190 for a bit
more than 2 minutes.
I have questions about the interval training.  How much base should you have before you try this?  My horse only has 10 months of base (all mountain training).  Also, my horse has a resting rate of 29 and the other day we galloped up a hill (about 40 degree incline and about 1 minute long) to see where she would spike to.  The highest reading i saw was 202 for about 5 seconds and then she wanted to back off, which I let her.  How does a person know where each horse's top end heart rate range is?  I look at  Wolfgang's numbers for Ninja and I think my horse would explode maintaining those kind of HR.  It seems like a fine line to know where to push the horse to and how much is too much.
Any ideas?  Tom?  Wolfgang?
Sarah & Saffy
Abbotsford, BC

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