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dressage riders

Truman wrote...

"So if you are one that finds taking
dressage lessons as much fun as
"watching paint dry", try getting
the basics in the ring and then
the practice on the trail..."

No, no, no... it's "watching
concrete set"... :)

My horse is currently in dressage
training also with me taking weekly
lessons on him. I don't know that
he'll ever be shown in dressage
seriously (because of my lack of
riding abilities for showing and
lack of lots of money), however I'm
told he has "Grand Prix" movement.
All I know is that I wanted him to
have the benefits that goes
hand-in-hand with dressage and to
have him responsive for going down
the trail. I believe that basic
dressage is essential for any riding
horse. I'm great with the "going on"
part, just lousy with the "starting
out" part, hence why he's at the
trainer, because I'm not a "trainer"

The dressage barn where he's at has
some very nice people. They all have
told me that they think he's really
"cute"... I just smile. What can I
say? He's a bit over 15hh and all
their horses are Dutch Warmbloods
(or something equally similar) and
measure 17.2 to 18hh (no lie!) A
15hh horse or even a 16hh horse just
isn't very big next to a 18 hand
warmblood. :)

Toni (no top hat and fancy coat for
me, lycra and helmet is just fine)
O'Biwon (hey, bring on the mares, I
don't care WHAT size!)

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