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Fwd: RC: Not Endurance but part of life!! Charles Schulz died lastnight...

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Schultz years ago at a youth gathering up 
near San Fransisco. He was a delightful man, a strong Christian, so very 
talented and filled with stories of life, stories that were the impetus for 
his long-running cartoons - comic strips and books. There are just a few 
'famous' people who have touched my life - Mr. Schultz and Corrie Ten Boom 
being the most significant. They were ordinary people who rose to inordinate 
heights through their own grit, talent and faith. Heaven is richer today, and 
we are the poorer!

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Just an example of someone who took everyday life and found humor and wisdom for all............. This headline just came thru from CNN headline reports.. (one can get headlines delivered per email!   handy when one is in reserves and can suddenly get sent to godknowswhere and have to get friends to care for livestock!!  Mary Ann
'Peanuts' creator Charles M. Schulz dies at 77

Charles M. Schulz, the cartoonist who delighted the world with the adventures and adversities of Charlie Brown, his friends and a dog named Snoopy, died on Saturday on the eve of the publication of his last "Peanuts" strip. He was 77.

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