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Re: Far Outtttt Forest, With the Kid: Part Three

>I wonder what his sign is?
>I am first born AND a Taurus....NOW everybody knows I cannot help being
the way
>I am!!!
Alright...I'll bit.  I'm first born and an Aries...Steve's a Taurus.

OB endurance stuff -- got Blaze measured for his saddle today.  I've never
ordered a custom saddle before so this is going to be a real treat.  Blaze
is such a fun horse (altho a true Toad at times) and he will be so happy
having something that really fits.  Between that and the new truck, I'm
going to be working a bunch of extra hours at the clinic for the extra $$.
I'll be an exhausted but happy camper...Blaze will have clothes that fit
and I'll won't have to freeze in the tent.  <bg>

Heading out tomorrow morning with Blaze and Darby.  (Worked Blue and Billy
in the arena today.)  The weather's supposed to be pretty decent, no rain.  I'm looking forward to a nice long, easy
ride...lots of single track trail, logging roads, and a few hills thrown in
for good measure.  And hopefully no refrigerators!!

Tyee Farm
Marysville, Wa.

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