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Angie you Angie

In a message dated 2/11/00 10:54:40 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

< I take my nap and dream.  I dream of Angie.  It's not a sexual dream,>
 <<You have no idea what a relief that is!>>

Actually, I think I do.

>Angie's a southern endurance rider, who has done quite well in the
 50's.  As >far as I know she and her horse aren't 100 mile material,<
 >>Sorry Howard, Kaboot and I have done 100's,  like them, and have every
 intention of doing more.<<

Yea, your pals informed me of this as soon as Part III hit RC.  Oh well, next 
time I'll have to do more research.  I did look in the Encyclopedia under 
Southern redneck female, your picture was there, but not much about your 
riding.  I'll have to search elsewhere.
>Besides being an endurance rider, Angie's also a writer <
 >>Only if you define "writer" very loosely.<<

I define this very "loosely."  My definition is one who can write a ten page 
article on a trip to the bathroom.  I've done this (want a copy?), so I meet 
my definition.  I'm sure you do too.

>>but all she can remember is the "F" in conduct she gave me my senior 
year....FOR JUST ONE SMART REMARK...which was a pretty good zinger if I 
recall. >g<  <<

I have no doubt of your ability in this arena.  You are the female version of 
Don Rickles (even though you don't like him) with a southern twist and a Reba 
McIntire twang.

> Angie realizes I'm in for the long haul and says to me, "Shorty, >I'm
 gonna kick it up a notch, so don't get in my way."<
 >>HA!  Out of 8 people in my immediate family, only one is over 5'4" (I'm
 5') My dad was 5'4" and went to college on a basketball la short people (the more Arabs to fit us with)<<

You know you've attacked on this subject.  Do I have to search the archives 
to find, where you elbowed me in the gut, hitting me higher then intending, 
and replied, "Gee Howard I thought you were taller?"  Or more recently, the 
face-to-chest reply you sent me.
 >  Anyway, I'll just close this >paragraph by saying there are a few
 riders I really do respect and >want to 
 >beat on my 17 H non Arab horse, and Angie's on top of the list.
 >>I should send you a photo of me on *my* first endurance horse...a "true"
 16 hand App.  I gave up on him...tendon problems. Sound familiar?<<

It does look like we might have overcome this problem.  Hope to get to show 
you next time we meet.  My body hurts already just thinking of the day after 
doing a 50.
I have to give you credit Ang, I thought you'd be all over me (it's an 
expression) for writing "Angie you Angie" as I drove thru Atlanta.  You 
didn't even mention it.  All your buddies said I would probably die if I hit 
the send button with that in there.  Sometimes you do surprise me.

Howard (it has to be a death wish for me to mess with this woman)

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