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Re: RC: Re: Darwin's Theory

In a message dated 2/12/00 6:50:36 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< What is being described here and previosly is "variation within a
 species" and not a species becoming more complex, sophisticated, or
 evolved from it's base developing into a different species. If there
 were missing links between species we would see them in transition.
 These are only variations within species and still leave huge chasms of
 "evolution" between each of the millions of species not only of
 animals,microbes, fish,insects, birds, and reptiles, but plants as well.
 Variation is NOT evolution. >>

You're right, Duncan.  And Darwin's theory was an extremely oversimplified 
explanation, in view of the genetic knowledge we have today about 
relationships of species.  It's about parallel with man first putting a wheel 
on an axle, compared to our now being able to dispense with wheels altogether 
and send rockets to the moon.  And we've only scratched the surface of this 
field, I'm sure.


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