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Re: conditioning effects hoof

A question occurred to me, Louise. Had your filly been getting trims on a
regular schedule? Both of my babies receive trims every time my farrier
comes out to shoe the other horses. It usually is only a 15 minute affair
but their hooves and the condition of their feet are great. If there were a
problem developing, the farrier's trained eye and experience could avert a
more serious problem in the future.

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Sent: Friday, February 11, 2000 2:53 PM
Subject: RC: conditioning effects hoof

> My new filly age 4 had never been shod, after breaking her and riding
> her for 2 months we decided to shoe the front only, probably will shoe
> the hind feet when I start to condition her this spring.  Anyway farrier
> felt she had good tough feet, but the toes were out in front and the
> heels were long enough but slanted forward.  He kept trimming the heels
> down and cutting the toe back each trim and then each trim after we
> starting shoeing her(flat shoes not wedges).  After about 9 months he is
> now able to leave heel longer because it is now growing down more
> straight and now the toe doesn't seem to shoot out as fast, but we can't
> go any longer than 6 weeeks between trims.
>   Louise WV
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