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I stand corrected on the is $250/case, but nowhere does it state how
many in the case...

Really!!! You mean these things WORK!!!! (similar human products were supposed to
help people to stop snoring...  at least for MY companion it sure did NOT work).
Same thing?

teddy wrote:

> In a message dated 2/11/00 5:18:17 PM Pacific Standard Time,
> writes:
> << One of the companies I buy from included a flyer in my
>  latest order advertising a product called the "Flair" nasal
> is supposed to free up the breathing passages
>  and prevent the collapse of nasal passages during heavy
>  exercise and to also reduce bleeding in the lungs caused by
>  exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage (almost word for word
>  from the flyer).
>  My reaction is: You've GOT to be kidding!!!! Another gimmick
>  to rip off the ignorant and drain the pockets of those
>  wanting instant cures.
>  List price WELL over $200....
>  Comments?
>  --
>  Teddy Lancaster >>
> List price is about $13. At least one study backs the claims. We used them on
> all our horses in the PC.
> ti
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