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RE: question about Chromium

Yeah, but the big question in my mind is...Why on Earth would you ever want
to stop craving Chocolate???!!! :))
Barb (munching a See's dark with Almonds!!)

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> Sent: 	Friday, February 11, 2000 9:24 AM
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> Subject: 	RC:   question about Chromium
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> writes:
> << Back when the carbo loading thread first started Ti had mentioned that
> the 
> carbo dosing pre ride may in fact help prevent tie ups.  When questioned 
> further he said it was probably because of the Chromium.  Would this be
> the 
> same Chromium Picolinate that I take so I don't crave chocolate?  If so,
> how 
> much would you give and if a horse has a tendency to tie up due to nerves
> is 
> this something that would be beneficial?  At what dosage?  Just pre ride
> or 
> on a daily basis?
>  Sandy Terp >>
> We're using chromium polynicotinate--a more bio-available form that 
> picolinate, and the dose is 3.5 mg per serving of GL. One dose of GL the 
> night before seems to prevent tying up the next day--but then you have to
> get 
> some exercise into the horse that tie-up-free day or you're bck into the 
> syndrome again.
> ti
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