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Re: Re: Re: Question re: equine retirement

My 34 year old retired show horse is the most important horse in our
compound. He gets special feed and hay. Extra goodies in his feed (carrot
pulp and apple grinds) and lot's of love. I have just built him a special
barn with a walk in stall from his personal 3 acre pasture to keep him from
the rain and cold.

He hates going in the stable, so we built him a 16 x 16 stall in his pasture
for him to come in to. I blanket him every the weather is below 60,
(Florida) and watch him like a hawk.

We have a special place picked out for him when that time comes. He will
live high on the hog until then. My sister laughs at me when we discuss him.
She always ask if I have told him he is old and that he has cancer. I always
tell her NOOOOOOO. Why would I burst his bubble. He thinks he is INVINCIBLE!


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