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Re: RC: Re: Question re: equine retirement

  I'm sure the question is most likely directed at those who are not
fortunate to have their horses in their own yard.   It's a sound question
to those who are dependent on boarding stables which can run from $300 to
$600/mo.  In that situation it's more of a complex decision.  You
(general "you") want a horse to ride, but can't afford 2 at the price
you're paying at the stable, so what would be the options?  Forego riding
while the getting older/unrideable horse lives?  Find a nice inexpensive
retirement farm for your old companion while the new rideable horse gets
the expensive board?  Or, the sad option, dump the unrideable horse at an
auction or some such to make way for the new horse.  I feel very
fortuneate that I don't have to worry about that.  My Old Man is 34,
cushinoid, a little arthritic and has almost no molars left, but he has a
home for as long as he continues to grace us with his presence.  

Tall C Arabians -- TX

On Thu, 30 Nov 2000 07:25:12 -0800 "Cora" <> writes:
> If it became unridable, but still pasture sound, why would I pay to 
> have it
> somewhere else other than at home grazing?...Waste of money....Cora

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