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Re: RC: Blankets vs. cooler

   I bought mine from Millers (1-800-553-7655)last
year during their after winter sale. The normal price
is $59.95. Be sure to buy a size larger than you
normally do as they shrink when you wash it. The kind
I have is their premium anti-sweat sheet #01440. they
have the olympia wicking anti-sweat sheet that is the
same sheet but with longer sides, this one is $64.95.
   Dover has a cotton waffle sheet that is the same
but dosn't have the leg straps with a swivel
snaps,just 2 bias surcingles. Its less ($49.90) but I
would rather pay more and get the legs straps. Dover's
web site is
   You also might check with Tack in the Box. awhile
back in their sale section they had an anti-sweat
sheet for $39.99 but as I recall they only had the
smaller sizes. their site is
   Hope this helps.


--- wrote:
> In a message dated 12/1/00 8:22:05 AM Pacific
> Standard Time, 
> writes:
> << They are also pretty
>  reasonable in price, mine was under $50. >>
> I saw an anti-sweat sheet in a catalog but
> disregarded it due to the price -- 
> $169.  For that price, I'd rather buy a really good
> blanket.  Where did you 
> find one for $50?
> Rhonda

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