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Getting Horses across Borders

Thought you guys might find this interesting: (esp. you Howard),
In order to get a horse across the Canadian/American border, you not only have to have a Coggins, but a health Certificate done by a vet in the last thirty days. As far as I understand, it costs from $70 - $80 per horse. I live in ND and we have few endurance rides and Manitoba has some great rides, including the Great Northern Connection, that we would love to attend, but the price of getting our horses across the border has always stopped us, esp. when you have 5 horses to get across.
Well, I am a pet groomer and my shop is only around 25 miles from the Canadian border. I had a guy call me from Manitoba and ask if I would do a hunter clip on his two springier spaniels. He arrived at my place with the two dogs in two separate, huge kennels in the back of his open pickup. I asked him how hard it was to get the dogs across the border and he said it was NO PROBLEM!! He told the border guard that he was taking the dogs to a groomer, And the border guard did not ask for papers and he did not even LOOK at the dogs. Just waved the guy through. When the guy picked up the dogs after the groom, he was taking them to Minot, ND to stay with his son for the weekend. He took them from my place into the city, and then back across the border a couple of days later, NO PROBLEM!!
Now wouldn't it be nice to do that with horses. And I have got to wonder why it is so easy to get dogs across and not horses???? After all, dogs can carry rabies......and a number of other life threatening diseases.

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