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Adventure in Peru

Hello -

I've been keenly interested in endurance riding since 1959, and I was privileged to know Pat Fitzgerald, one of the true pioneers of the competitive endurance race. At that same time, I became interested in Peruvian Paso Horses and since then have made 67 trips to Peru, imported 250 horses (all for other people, sadly enough!), founded the American Association of Owners and Breeders of Peruvian Paso Horses. I also combined my love of Peruvians with my interest in long distance riding by making a ride from Peru to California. My book about that ride was published last year.

My wife is Canadian, and in August of this year, we moved from southern California to a small town near Calgary. People here can’t believe it and insist that we are the first people to ever make a move in that direction!


Verne R. Albright

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