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Re: Coggins

Donna Dochterman
Sorry about the guest post folks.  I am a subscriber to RideCamp but for some reason, RideCamp is not accepting subscriber messages from me today.

Not making any comments on the pros or cons of Coggins tests but those who
live in or ride in the state of Michigan need to be aware of the new law
which goes into effect January 1, 2001.

This law says that any horse not on your own private property must have
current (within one year) Coggins papers available for immediate
presentation.  You can be asked to present these papers even if you are just
out for a ride around the block.  You have to have them with you to present
even on the trail.  "They are back at the camper" will not be an acceptable
answer.  When this law takes effect, MSU will no longer accept any horse for
treatment without its current Coggins papers.  This includes those
emergencies such as colic or injury.  Furthermore, if the horse comes from a
facility where other horses are also housed, all the horses must have
current proof of Coggins.  If you ride your horse out the front gate, law
enforcement officials have the right to check for papers on every horse on
the property.  Haven't heard what penalties will be for non-compliance.

I checked with the Michigan Horse Council and they confirmed this
information as accurate.  The person I talked to (at their booth at the Novi
expo) added that if you own or house more than one horse you are required to
test all horses on your property.  She said the veterinarians were charged
with checking compliance on that.  The rest of these rules I heard from
several sources but this last one I heard only from the MHC spokesperson at
Novi.  I have not seen this law in writing anywhere yet.  I don't believe it
has been well publicized.  While I recently moved from Michigan, I am still
an active member of several horse organizations there.  Several of them have
had paraphrases such as this one about the law but no exact quotes of it
yet.  All agree it goes into effect this January.

Maybe someone out there knows how to find the exact wording of this
law...... paraphrases often get things wrong or exaggerated.  Previously in
Michigan, only out-of state horses had to present papers even at most shows
unless papers were required by the show rules for in-state horses (they
usually were not).

Sighing with relief because all of my horses tested negative for our move
and I have a little time before I have to face the test again......
Donna Dochterman
Dokada Arabians

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