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A Place in FL for EIA horses

Since I opened this can of worms I've been receiving some interesting private 
email about EIA.  Not all of it was hate mail (this is nothing new to me) and 
some asked if there were places that helped keep EIA infected horses alive.  
There are.  I found one in my home state (another reason I'm proud to live 

You might want to visit their web site.  Take a look at the pics of some of 
the horses (they look healthy to me) they've kept from being euthanized.  
After visiting the site my hope is it will be difficult for you not to 
atleast send them the portion of the Zimectrin labels that give them a buck a 
pop to keep the place going. I'm also hoping some of you with the big bucks 
(yea, I've seen your rigs) will join and become a member.

The address of their site is:

This is a paragraph, from their site, explaining what they're all about:

A nonprofit organization formed in 1987, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Ranch is located on 
the eastern edge of the Florida  Everglades. Our mission is to provide a 
humane alternative for horses that test positive for EIA, provide veterinary 
researchers an opportunity to search for a vaccine and/or a cure for EIA, as 
well as administer an "sponsor-a-horse" program for families and individuals 
who would normally not be able to afford the high cost of owning or boarding 
a horse.

My mother lives down there in south Florida and next time I go visit her I 
plan on stopping by this place.  I want to see, for myself, what an 
inapparent carrier looks like first hand.  I'll let y'all know after I make 
my visit.  I don't know about you but I'm damn glad a place like this exists. 


    Check it Out!    

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