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auctions and slaughter

  Just a few comments:

1.  Not all auctions are the same (look at the t.b. yearling 
auctions for example - not too many killer buyers there!)

2.  It IS valid to blame the auction houses, as well as the 
owners, for the horrors seen there.  the auctions should 
provide the most humae care possible for animals there - 
adequate water, food, separation of stallions from others, and 
they should not allow animals to be tormented.

3.  Laws on the books barrign auction of unsound animals are 
seldom enforced, so don't let the existance of such laws lead 
you to believe injured animals don't get auctioned off.  

4.  This will generate a million flames but personally I feel 
that humane slaughter should be an option for owners of 
horses.  The NIMBY (not-in-my-back-yard) attitude towards 
slaughter houses in the U.S. means that slaughter-bound horses 
are shipped long distances (usually to Canada), meaning long 
painful trips for ill and injured animals.  I feel there would 
be LESS suffering if unwanted horses could be slaughtered 
locally, without long distance hauling.  I personally would not 
sell a horse to slaughter, but thousands of people do, so 
anythign to minimize the suffering would be for the better, and 
many people would rather auction of a horse to get some $$ than 
euthanize the horse.

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