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Re: Frosty grass (Susan G?)

Not a problem as far as I've ever heard.  There are a few problems that
occur if certain types of grass are trampled before being grzed, some
associated molds and funguses and whatnot, but not aware of any
frost-related problems, nor was it mentioned in any of my texts.

susan g
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From: Laurel Hickey <>
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Sent: Monday, November 27, 2000 8:09 PM
Subject: RC: Frosty grass (Susan G?)

> Hi guys,
> I am directing this to Susan G, but anyone else who has some info please
> feel free to chime in.
> I have recently heard there may be some ill effects suffered by a horse
> eats grass which is covered with frost.  Can anyone substantiate this?
> Something to do with the sugars in the grass fermenting, and this not
> the case once the sun hits and the frost melts?
> My horse gets turned out early in the am (by me) and has, as far as I can
> see, been eating frosty grass for years with no ill effects.  Are some
> horses more prone to problems than others?  Age, breed, (assuming they are
> used to grassy turnout to begin with)....
> TIA,
> Laurel Hickey in frosty New York
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