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Seriously Folks...

Aw come-on ya'll!!!!  Can't you get the joke????
Where's your sense of humor ridecampers??
I sent a funny dressage test "joke" and most of you seem to think it's a
ride report!!!!
IT IS A POST SENT TO ME BY A CLIENT and I thought you guys would just
Now there's layouts of the REAL dressage tests being posted!!  Like this
is now transformed into a dressage chat-room.  I do not do dressage and
it just hit my funny button.... so there!  Oh well, at least it stirred
up some kind of new blab.  A is to B like L is to K, blab, blab,
blab.....   Angie ... where are you??
(scene shifts to a new Angiogram - hee-hee- equine-verbal-cartoon-strip).

Remember, gloom and doom winter is hard on us, so lighten up guys and

Karen in PA
(is there life beyond walkilng the horse mall, shopping for horse feed,
beet-pulp, saddles, girths, trailers, saddle pads, what-to-wear, nippy
colts, riding around in big loopy circles?  naaaaah . . . .  not in this
particular world!)

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