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Is this a job for beet pulp?

Amanda Perez
Sorry to post as guest - but I can't seem to register on-line
using the registration form (or it needs more time to take effect?)

I am field-baording my newly acquired horse a a nearby farm.
My horse and four mares are sharing a 10 acre field snd run-in 
shed (two other geldings share a separate field).  I get free 
board in exchange for doing the AM feeding (one elderly gelding 
gets Sr feed).  Here is my problem: the other horses are all 
either retired or rarely ridden, and do well on the pasture 
alone. Because of this, the farm does not feed any hay unless 
the grass is under heavy snow-cover.  However I am riding at 
least 6 hours on the weekends and hope to sneak a couple of 
rides in during the week, and I think my horse, Cy needs more 
forage than the grazing provides - I have walked the field and 
it is chewed down pretty thin except for weedy patches. He also 
seems to have lost some weight since he's been there, and since 
he's out in the weather I'd like a little more weight on him 
for warmth. The person I bought Cy from had been feeding him 3 -
 4 lbs of 14% sweet feed daily.  I think this is too much 
protein, as he is very spirited and 'hot'.  I switched him to 
10% sweet feed and tapered him down to about a pound per day, 
once in the AM. I have also started adding in some bagged 
chopped grass forage (no alfalfa), mixed in with the grain and  
dampened to keep the dust down.  Cy does not seem crazy for the 
forage, and only eats what is well-laced with the sweet-feed, 
so there is a limit to how much forage I can get into him 
without upping the sweet feed. I feed on my way to work, so I 
need to feed something that can be consumed in a reasonable 
amount of time so he can be turned back out before I go (which 
is why hay is not the answer).  I am thinking of adding some 
soaked shredded beet pulp to the grain/chopped forage mix to 
make it more palatable and add some calories.  I am thinking of 
building up to equal parts sweet feed, chopped forage and beet-
pulp.  I am also thinking of replacing the sweet-feed with 
something with less molasses to lesson the 'rocket fuel' 
effect.  I guess I could throw a bit of corn-oil in too, though 
I'd like to keep the morning feeding routine a simple as 
possible.  Does this seem to be a reasonable approach?  Any 
suggestions, other than to find a new boarding situation... 
I'll bring him home as soon as I can afford to put up the 
fencing and run-in shed, but that won't happen before next 
summer unless I win the lottery! ;-).

  P.S. ... I understand from reading the archives that there are additives in some forms of beet-pulp intended for cattle that are unfit for horses: if anyone knows what these are, I;d appreciatte a list.  


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