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Re: RC: trailers

  This is a great deal...I have owned many different
makes of trailers and now that I have a featherlite I
won't ever go back to any other make. They hold their
value...I've never heard of anyone loseing money on
one. The only people I know who sell theirs are either
getting out of horses or want a different size
featherlite. They pull great...sometimes I forget it's
back there. I rode in the back of mine and was
surprised how smooth and quiet it was compared to the
sundowner I had been pulling. Personally I think
you'll be very pleased if you decide to purchase a


--- "" <> wrote:
> Elayne
> Can any one give opinion if '97 Featherlite 3 hr gn
> with plain
> finished dressing room 4 or 5' short wall(has
> closets, vinyl floor, fridge, 2 burner stovetop,
> awning, but no heat/air) is worth $17,000. Has
> natural aluminum and extruded exterior). I don't
> have a clue about used trailer costs and I don't
> want to get 'taken'.
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