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Re: RC: Trail Blazer & EN

> Maybe there are some who say EN should be a newsletter, not a magazine.
> The problem is that in many ways EN can no longer compete in the
> Newsletter department.
A less complicated "newsletter" might reach riders
faster.  It is a LOT of work to make the type of
"magazine" EN has turned out to be.  I have issues
dated back 25 years and it sure has changed.  But
even then, there were "informative" articles, just
not very many.

> Now that we have ridecamp anything that has to
> wait through a magazine delay is already old news. But, we need at least
> one magazine and I'm afraid we're going to lose TB as I think endurance
> riders are starting to give it up and it has to broaden its appeal to
> average trail riders.
TB has done what it has to do to survive.  If you
don't increase circulation by broadening your
appeal, you lose advertisers. That's what is
happening to EN. We need more subscribers, not
more advertisers.  The advertisers will come when
the demand is there.  Right now you have too much
"competition" for too limited an audience.

>   In the last year or so I could envision EN
> putting TB out of the endurance magazine business, but I think that's
> turning back around as the focus of EN changes.  If I were an advertiser
> and EN went back to it's previous format, I'd choose TB hands down.  If I
> were a reader and EN went back to its previous format, I'd DRIVE to
> Arizona if I had to and hand Susan Gibson my money in person to get Trail
> Blazer.  Personally, I like getting them both. I want my cake AND eat it
> too!
> Angie
Increase AERC advertising outside AERC, get more
members or even subscribers and it will more than
pay for itself AND keep advertisers happy (even
attract new ones).

Teddy Lancaster

Does this mean I cannot tell the Emperor he has
no clothes unless I have a Kingdom?

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1348 Township Road 256
Kitts Hill, Ohio, 45645 USA  -
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