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[arab-l] Re: 63 Arabians

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>Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2000 14:35:13 -0000
>Subject: [arab-l] Re: 63 Arabians
>Bob Bradburn horses indeed have liens on them  He has until Friday 
>close of business day to pay Tack Shop Ltd. or the horses will be 
>auctioned off on Thursday.  I just got off the phone with the owner 
>of the tack shop and she said that the reason the previous sale was 
>canceled was because she did not have signing authority on the papers 
>of these horses and knew that more than likely they would go to 
>killers.  Now she has signing ability and states that all babies can 
>be registered!  On Monday(and not before) there will be a site up 
>that will give details on each and everyone of these horses.
>  Also on Monday you can call 
>780-922-2941 to find out if indeed the auction is moving forward.  If 
>it is not there will be an answering machine that will state such 
>event.  And if the auction does move forward people will be there to 
>answer any and all questions.
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