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Endurance News

"By the way....I drop off my Endurance News at the Dentist's Office or
the local Veterinarian.  People "steal" them from the counter magazines."

This statement attests to my opinion that EN is a good magazine.  Over the last three
years it has improved immensely.  The people in charge have done an excellent job.  

At the 1998 AERC Midyear Meeting, AERC Treasurer-Stagg Newman, announced to the Board that he was investigating procedures for AERC to declareBANKRUPTCY and subsequent reorganization.  The entire Board was taken by surprise 
 Beginning with the1999 AERC Administration, we dedicated ourselves to running AERC like a business rather than a backyard club.  
we put in place cost saving measures...all these

actions continue to this day.  1999 saw a 20% increase in new membership and about a $62,000.00 end of year profit, and this year we should see a much
larger year end profit.  

Randy had valid points and what they're doing is working.  We need the policies to
stay alive financially, but there is always a way around things.  And in the human 
way of things, we know that there is always the exception to the rule.  Where there's a will there's a way.
Don't you think that Donna could fall under a Grandfather Law?  So the new
policy is to not trade advertising for an article, if Donna had an agreement before
this policy went into effect couldn't she be protected by Grandfather Law, especially
if the membership wanted it?  You can't tell me one column and one advertising 
space is going to throw us into bankruptcy.  Do we need to get a petition started
and circulate it throughout the membership?  Don't you think the board would
listen to the voice of the people?  If the vast majority of the membership wants to
keep Donna's column alive-I believe we could.  We would just have to get organized
and talk loud enough for the board to hear, and that means going beyond ridecamp.
I figure if they need a loophole to break policy the Grandfather Law would work.
Just my uneducated opinion on the subject,

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