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Donna's articles

<< >Donna's columns are good work, but unless every contributor is paid 
 >in  cash or in kind, then there should be no compelling reason for EN
to do 
 >so for her.If the publication cannot afford to pay for articles, so be
 Who is talking cash?  If Donna has a website with her ad on it...does it
*really* cost AERC anything to post her website at the end of an article?
 Or simply a line that says, "A list of DSS's clinics is available at
www....?"  I find it very hard to believe that one tiny line is
inflicting financial harm on AERC. I think it's the principle of it
that's getting them, not the cost.  
 I am a VERY frugal person. I appreciate the board's tight fistedness
with our money. I agree with it, and I appreciate them. But, when I can
get something for nothing I do it! I count a tiny ad as getting it for
nothing. I wouldn't even resent (much) Donna getting a  little blurp, and
myself not getting one.  I have not agreed to provide them with a MONTHLY
column. That's a commitment and commmitment's a bummer.  It's like when
they're trying to get somebody to volunteer to coach a little league
team. A dozen parents will say, "I'm willing to help out, but I can't
commit to be the HEAD coach".  I'm one of those people.  Donna seems to
be the parent who took the bat bag home with her.  
 Angie McGhee
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