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Just a couple of quick clarifications about flower essences and homeopathy...

Homeopathy and Flower Essences, while both considered forms of
"vibrational" or "energy medicine," are different modalities. (Essential
oils are a third type in this category.) Another good source for flower
essences that are formulated specifically for animals (and can be
custom-formulated) can be found at

A homeopath is someone trained and certified in the study of homeopathy.
This is a field that does lend itself to self-study. A home-study course
in veterinary homeopathy is offered in the US and Canada by The British
Institute of Homeopathy, among others.

According to one website, diploma and non-diploma courses are offered
"for Veterinarians and for those who are entrusted with the care of pets
and animals generally...the Department offers a unique veterinary
practitioner program leading to the DVetHom.(Pract.) designation."

For more information, go to or

A Bach Flower Essence diploma alone takes 200 hours of study....for
more, see

I wish you much "succuss."


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