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Re: re: found a horse

It seemed to me that the girl said that the horse went to the killers.
The auction process isn't all that is what happens after
that.  You aren't trying to tell me that the slaughter house isn't all
that bad are you???
----- Original Message ----- > << Dianna Chapek
>  Too bad your friend couldn't follow her poor horse through the
> auction/slaughter process. >>
>     The auction process is not all that bad.  You go there, put your
horse in
> a corral, it goes into an arena, humans say numbers, and they go
back to the
> corral, humans pick them up that night or in the morning and take
them home.
>     Not all of the horses that go to an auction go to the slaughter.
In fact
> very few horses go that direction through an auction.  At least that
is the
> way the LA Auction, CA and the Pedley Auction, CA has been since I
> remember.  Thats been since the 60's.
>     A lot of folks go there to fix up, fatten up, train or groom.
> either they resale for a better price, or keep them for themselves.
> Tammy Robinson
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