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Donna Snyder Smith's Column

I would like to clarify the situation with Donna's column in EN.  It is not
that the board does not value Donna's column.  But it has long been a policy
of AERC that (with the exception of an occasional article) the articles that
are submitted are "donated" for the benefit of the members of AERC.   The EN
is not a publication that is sold on the market that generates money.   This
is an organizational publication for the benefit of its members.   AERC is
constantly trying to "crunch the numbers" to keep our expenditures down so
that dues to the members do not have to be raised.   One of the ways to
offset the costs of EN is to sell advertising space.   To exchange
advertising space for articles is the same thing as paying for articles
since the space given for Donna's ads are not available to sell to someone
else.   It's just the board's position that financially it is not good
business to trade valuable advertising space when there are a lot of good
articles available without having to trade for advertising space.

The fact that Donna's articles generate business for her is a plus to her.
It would be great if Donna wanted to donate articles for a column.  We would
love to have them.

Terry Woolley Howe
Pacific Southwest Regional Director

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> Before I rush to judgement, I'd want to know what the big picutre is, such
> as the purpose for which the BOD sees Endurance News, what columns it will
> maintain, and why.  Donna's information should be accessible elsewhere,
> since her material is broader based than endurance.
> Please let us know where and how to find her material in other forums,
> formats.
> thanks, Janetb
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