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RE: going bitless

Diana Thompson has designed a real nice sidepull that Gail Hought
manufacturers.  See Hought Endurance Tack website on the Endurance
Net home page or my previous post on homeopathics/Rescue Remedy/
on Diana's website.


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From: Mickie Newnam []
Sent: Monday, November 20, 2000 10:28 PM
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Subject: RC: going bitless

I had a local saddler make me a sidepull.  He just made the noseband
with 2 rings
on each side and I snap it to the halter.  I brought him a lariat to use
for the
noseband.  I did find however that I have to wrap the noseband or it
will give my
gelding a rub.  Even made a bump on his nose once and he wasn't even
pulling on
me (or vice versa).  But a halter fuzzy cured that.  Vet wrap would too
but I had
a fuzzy handy.  So you may try something like that if you have someone
close; a
good way to try it until you see if you like it.
Mickie wrote:

> I have a green but very laid back gelding that I would like to start
in some
> type of hackamore or sidepull so we don't have to bother with a bit on
> years rides. I have a long shanked (sliester) hack for a different
> (very broke but extremely competative) but the greenie doesn't need
much stop
> but needs more directional control. I had an S hack but didn't care
for it. I
> thought maybe an english type hack or just a sidepull of some sort. I
> him in a regular halter but it was like a car without power steering.
Maybe a
> rope halter sidpull?
>                                             Shelly in DE
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