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more on the Chev braking problem

Update on the braking problem.  Finally got a GM service rep out 
here to drive the truck.  He agreed that I had not exceeded any of 
the weight specs for the truck, ie, under 10,800# towing weight and 
under 2700# tongue weight.  Unfortunately, two Chev dealers had 
come to the conclusion that I had overloaded the truck which is 
why it has taken 4 months to get this far.  He did think that it was 
unfair to ask the truck to stop the trailer smoothly with no trailer 
brakes on, but after my demonstration, he agreed that being 
tossed violently about the truck when stopping at 10 mph was not 
acceptable either.  However, he could not explain why the truck 
does this or admit that it was the trucks fault.  I am headed for 
arbitration with the BBB but he wants to try to make a deal first.  

Has anyone tried the new Chev 2001 HD trucks?

Heres the scary part.  When they finally take my truck, it will be 
put on a lot and sold to the next person who comes along.  I did 
learn that you can get a full repair record of a used vehicle by 
requesting it from a dealer who puts the VIN# in the computer.  
Buyer beware????
John and Sue Greenall

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