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Re: wintec pro endurance

>> I have a wintec sport all purpose, and I think it is comfortable but the
>> panels (the underside part on the horse's back) are sort of pointy so
>> don't disperse weight all that great

I have an older style Wintec Pro Endurance which has the "pointy" panels
similar to the all purpose.  I loved it, but my horse hated it.  I was at
the PNER convention this weekend and looked at the new Wintec saddles.  They
all have a much flatter and wider panel than the older style and looked as
though they might work fine for some one up to a middle weight.  They were
all in the $500 to $600 range.  If you can, find a dealer that will allow
you to try the saddle for 48 hours.

After trying a Wintec, two different Ortho Flex, and two different
"treeless" saddles, I gave up and had Steve make an SR Enduro for my horse.
I use it on both my gelding and mare and they and I love it.

Cathy in central Oregon

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