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Re: RC: John Lyons' Portable Corral

In a message dated 01/29/2000 3:10:23 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

 Any insights are appreciated.  I've already checked the RC archives.
 Thanks to you all!
 Laurel Hickey 
 (and Lori, 9 yr old Standardbred mare in NY)

I have two sets of the Dick Hanson Corral Panel System.  One set consists of 
6 panels which are 44" X 75" X1".   Each panel weighs less than 18lbs.  They 
work great.  My wife who is 5'4" and 100lbs puts them up and take them down 
by herself.  We sometimes take two horses with one being a mare and the other 
a stallion and set them up side by side with about 5 ft. Separation.  Never 
had any problems with them.  No loose separate pins or parts to worry about.  
Everything is attached and ready to hook into place.  I highly recommend 
them.  Dick was at the convention last year and will probably be there this 
year.  His Number is 800-847-7037.  Sets are $447.00.


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