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John Lyons' Portable Corral

Hi everyone, 

One quick question to anyone who has used the John Lyons portable this possible for one person to set up?  Specifically, one
5'3" woman?  I see it's listed in the State Line catalog and consists of
seven, 4'x 7' long sections; it attaches somehow to the back of your
trailer and it's listed for $439. 

I've kept up on the RC conversations about electric vs. other types of
portable fencing, and for better or worse my mare is just not going to
do well in an electric set up so I'm looking into the alternatives. 
She'd be the one running through camp in the middle of the night wearing
the fence, disturbing all you good people with calm(er) mounts!  I'm not
interested in tying her to a trailer all night until we've completely
cured her past pulling habit.  We're almost there, but for safety's sake
I'd still like a fence for now.

Any insights are appreciated.  I've already checked the RC archives.

Thanks to you all!

Laurel Hickey 
(and Lori, 9 yr old Standardbred mare in NY)

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