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Re: RC: V/C Pet Peeve

At 11:24 AM 1/28/00 -0800, you wrote:
>I am only going on and on about this because it IS a pet peeve of mine

I have a pet peeve about this too, only in reverse.  I bring a horse in and 
he's down and they can't get his pulse.  Horses are coming in behind me and 
getting their 'in' times but not my horse, because they can't find 
it.  He's at 40, and has been down but they can't find it so they leave us 
to go take pulses on horses that they can get.  ;^)

Then somebody thinks they'll be wise and try to get it from his leg.  Yeah, 

Needless to say, this happens to me a lot, and no they won't look at my HRM 

I think that everybody that even *owns* a horse should know how to take a 
pulse and should know what their horses normal resting pulse is (even if 
they don't ever ride it!!!)


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