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RE: Re: Re: Re: pre-purchase exams

Hi Michelle

Just to let you know, my mom's old gelding started endurance as a 16 yr old 
after just being a hack his whole life. He did 25 and 50 milers very 
competitively winning BC at many rides and being Provincial BC champion 
(state BC champion) for the year once. He did his last 50 miler at age 24, 
this was not a planned last ride, but he was stolen two weeks later and 
died a short time after. My point is that he had severe pigeon toes (turned 
out feet) and they never caused him a days problem. So I guess there is 
always hope...sorry it is not quite an answer to your question.

Celeste (South Africa)
Mawlud & Shadixx (Guess all flying horses have pigeon toes seen as they 
have wings, hee hee)

> I do however involve him right from the start with a new horse.  Its
> what a good farrier can do over a period of time, even with a mature
> with corrective  trimming.

>So here's a related question.  We have a horse who is 6 and has not 
>his LSD training yet.  He's starting this year.  He's an Icelandic horse
>(slower to mature).  He has a lower limb angle deformity - he's quite toed
>out.  His joints have finished closing up (we had him x-rayed).  Since 
>takes two years of LSD to develop, does this mean we can make very subtle
>corrections to his angles and try to bring his toes in a bit over the next
>year?  My vet says no, but I wondered if anyone has experience with this

>This horse "failed" pre-purchase exams, but we kept him as a trail horse 
>my hubby to ride with me while I am doing LSD training on my other horses
>(5-10 miles).  He's on Grand Flex to ward off trouble, if possible.

>Thanks -

>(aka michelle rowe)

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