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Re: RC: Re: Passing up in VCs

As a rider and Ride Manager,  I would like to add that no Ride Manager that I can
think of would ever deliberately plan for not enough vets to safely cover their
respective rides.  Yes, we "should" do lots of things.  I believe that most of us
masochistic enough to organize and manage rides do so with this primary thought in
mind - that the horses' welfare comes first and foremost.  I have yet to read
anyone mention that often times there is a shortage of vets at a particular stop
because one of them has hiked out or driven out onto the trail somewhere to help a
horse in trouble.  As for me, I would gladly stand in line no matter what distance
I was riding knowing that a horse on the trail somewhere was getting the urgent
help it needed.   Volunteer at a ride sometime, or better yet,  help a Ride Manager
from  the early planning stages to when the final paperwork is filed away and
perhaps you'll understand how many  "what if's" Ride Managers do their best to plan
for.  Barbara Sanches                             ruman Prevatt wrote:

> I guess I'm going to open Pandora's box a bit here.  There should be
> minimal lines. Management should manage the trail and checks so that
> every participant can be given a fair shake. That doesn't mean 100's can
> cut in front of "lowly" 25's. They all pay their bucks and they all have
> a time criteria to meet (even LD's waiting for a completition have a
> time criteria to meet).  A 5 minute line is one thing but a 15 minute to
> 30 minute line is another.
> Management can do many things in timing how the different distances are
> sent out, but getting a few extra vets for half a day to handle the peak
> loads, etc. to minimize the time any rider has to stand in line.
> If a ride chronically has long lines, the riders should let the RM know
> that they are unhappy.
> As far as I am concerned and the way most of the SE region rides are
> run, it is first come first serve.
> T
> wrote:
> >
> > Well I must agree with this one.  If as as LD  I am waiting for a completion
> > check.  Which isn't much of acheck out  I don't mind letting someone going
> > ahead.  But not a large group.  My horse's  muscles stiffen so fast that it's
> > like Texas mud at Bandera.  Donna
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