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Deadman 30/50 volunteers

Cuesta/Sespe - SLOPOST Fundraiser

CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS: PCL members are holding a fund raising endurance
ride on April 8th in the Cuyama Valley for the benefit of SLOPOST.
Proceeds from the event will assist in the purchase of 300 acres and a
mile and half of river trail near High Mtn. Road in the Los Padres
National Forest. We need volunteers to assist with the event.

The Ride is the Deadman 30/50 mile endurance ride. This event is AERC
sanctioned and is being held at the ranch of a generous endurance
rider,  up Schoolhouse Canyon off of highway 166 in Cuyama. The ride is
all on private ranches that back up to the Los Padres National Forest.
There is National Forest access from the area for those that wish to
explore some.

We need volunteers to assist in the following: in-timers/out-timers, vet
secretaries, finish line recorders, cooks/servers, trail marshals/number
takers, P/R stewards, water trough fillers.  Please contact Steve Shaw,
Race Manager if you can help. We plan on setting up two shifts for most
positions so that volunteers will only be spending half the day at their
position (unless you are a glutton for abuse and want to work the entire

Contact us at 831-685-3436 or or
if you can assist us.  All volunteers get free meals, camping and an
opportunity to ride in a new place with a lot of history behind it. I
won't tell you why it is called the "Deadman" unless you volunteer!

You will all really like exploring this new area and can be assured that
the camp-out will be a lot of fun. There will be a Duck Costume award
and award for the oldest AERC numbered horse at the event. Best yet is
for you to ride the event, but if not, come and volunteer to assist in
our SLOPOST causes. 10% of the proceeds go to SLOPOST administration
alone. The balance goes to purchase of the new trail section.
Steve Shaw

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