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RE; Pedigree re: PASB Amurath-Sahib

tom sites
Hello,  I am very familair with the Amurath-Sahib lineage and admire it very much.  He was the greatgrandfather of a horse that was at one time the head sire of Tersk and called thwe horse of the century by the person (alex P).  My friends from Aries Arabians bought Menes in the early 80's and lost millions and even tho his get won star worlds and other events they lost money.  I have a Menes son out of the mare Dark Eyes a former us and canadian English pleasure mare.  She was considered Bask's most beautiful daughter and even tho i haven't seen her other sons Galahadd by Alladain  and Poraschai by Pesniar i believe Dickens is a good sire.  Menes was sold to Europeans and his first foal crop won 3 of 4 championships a sires get could win in Paris.  I don't know what he's doing now.  Thos this lineage didn't always excell in the show ring I've sold and placed a bunch of show culls to the endurance realm and they all have good resting pulse rates and quick recoverys.  They are also considered friends by their owners.  A shiek bought Mandella from Menes and Mombassa.  Amurath-Sahib also sired Balalajka who is the mother  of Bask.  My mare Frangelica has Ellora, Pietuszok, Witraz and Amurath-Shib and she has Bask on both sides.  She is 15-2 ,beaytiful and a joy to ride.  Her son Mystical by Dickens just finished a 6 mile sprint because of tome on a LD and came down to pulse in 1 minute.  He is a Dickens son owned by Mary Murphy.  Yes i believe in these lines and would say you got a pretty good horse.  tom sites

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