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I must be blind, deaf and very probably terribly dumb too, because it is a 
total mystery to me why I don't ever run into all these rude riders that so  
many seem to think dominate endurance rides. I find just the opposite.. I 
can't even remember the last time I thought anyone was  deliberately rude. . 
As far as having 50 & 100 milers moved ahead in the vet line, I have no 
problem with that either. They are in a race. The 25 milers are not (and yes, 
I do ride limited distance rides).  If you are concerned about your horse 
being delayed in the line and not getting a chance to eat, put some hay in a 
grain bag and carry it along with you in the line and he can chomp away.  And 
don't ever forget, half of what you learn about this sport is about 
observation.  And what better place to observe horses, riders and 
veterinarians than in a vet line. Study the different types of saddles, the 
head gear, crooked or straight legs, hoof angles.  It's not lost time.
And unless I sound too pollyannish (sp??),  there are exceptions.  If it is  
very cold and important to keep a horse moving,  my temper would probably run 
short if more than a couple of people were moved ahead of me. I also do not 
like the horse behind me to crowd my horse and wish people would space 
themselves better. When I have spoken up on this subject, the rider behind me 
without exception  moves back with an apology.  And anyway, I know I have 
been guilty of the same offense.
Maybe it would be refreshing to have a contest on ridecamp to see who could 
say the most nice things about our sport.  Julie

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