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Altered States

    I take "kindness" and "rudeness" very seriously.  I believe each of us is 
probably capable of both behaviors, and most of us try to do and say the 
right things.
    For me, it is a daily struggle to be a good person.
    I don't, for a minute, think you are not a "kind" person...for those of 
us with children, it seems we are measured by how we treat and raise our 
    From your posts, I know your daughter is fortunate to have a caring 
father who "treats" her to the Wide, Wonderful World of Endurance Riding.
    As for the "serious" nature of my previous post concerning some "Howard 
Ramblings While In An Altered State", well, I know if you noticed me in need 
of "help", you would not hesitate to assist me. (g)
    My wife, from Tennessee, has "clued me in" on the unique nature of 
southern's a struggle, but I learn so much on Ridecamp.
    Retired from the U.S.Navy, (but not dead),
      Frank (in Western Nebraska, where we don't worry 'bout the cold, but do 
wonder                  'bout what's happening "out in the real world")

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